RB Doubloons

Anyone worth their weight in gold carries coin in their pocket—that’s why every RB order we ship out includes a doubloon.


The doubloon’s rich history dates back to the Spanish Empire and the Age of Exploration, a time when hope was never lost and honor prevailed. A common and covetable currency traded throughout the world, the doubloon has stood the test of time as a token symbolizing power, adventure, and success, and at Relentless Betrayal, success to us is a life well lived.

Every order we ship out includes a doubloon.
We release new unique ones every couple months to build your treasure chest.

Stow it in your wallet or keep it in your pocket. Hang on to one and dare to share another. Let the doubloon be the timeless tactile reminder you need of your history, your resiliency, your goals, and your commitment to being the raddest and baddest human being possible while rocking quality iconic threads.


Check out some of these rad shots we’ve been sent! Keep tagging us @Relentlessbetrayal, so we can share with the world where you’ll take your treasure.